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Official Rules


We'll explain our Official Rules and Policies on this page.



 Dream House Raffle 

Official Rules



Summary Descscription - The Goulds Community Development Corporation Inc. (Goulds CDC) Dream House Raffle (“Raffle”) begins on Monday, February 9, 2009 and ends on Saturday, May 9, 2009 (“Raffle Period”). The Raffle is conducted by Goulds Community Development Corporation, (PO Box 700031 Goulds, Florida 33170). The Official Rules of the Raffle are set forth herein. By entering the Raffle, the raffle Entrants agree to be fully and unconditionally bound by these Official Rules, waive any right to claim, or ambiguity in the Raffle or these Official Rules and further agree to be bound by Goulds CDC’s decisions and interpretation of these Official Rules. Void where prohibited by law. This house is not a government sponsored or government owned home. It was built by Goulds CDC after purchasing the land from a local private owner. The money to build the house was obtained from Home Equity Mortgage. The purpose of this raffle is to raise funds to pay the debts of Goulds CDC and fund its operations. GCDC is a nonprofit corporation that was established in 1993 and all funds raised will be used for the continuation of its affordable housing, economic development programs and various other capital development projects. Pursuant to the state of Florida state statue 849.0935 that governs charitable, nonprofit organizations; drawings by chance; required disclosures; Goulds CDC makes the follow statement for record. That the house raffle is a fundraising event and Goulds CDC is not requiring a purchase or contribution in order to participate. Since this is a fundraising event, we are requesting a minimum donation of one hundred fifty dollars per entry ticket to support the charitable activities of Goulds CDC. The House Raffle begins on Monday, February 9, 2009 and ends on Saturday, May 9, 2009. The House Raffle drawing will be held at Goulds Park on Saturday May 16, 2009


1 - Eligibility - The Raffle is open to all persons age 18 and over.  Officers, Directors and/or employees of Goulds CDC, its agents, consultants, attorneys, independent accountant firms, and their spouses and children living in the same household and any other persons involved with this promotion are not eligible.


2 - How to Enter - Raffle tickets are offered for a minimum donation of one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) per ticket to Goulds CDC. As stated in the advertisement, the Goulds CDC House Raffle was established as fundraising mechanism for its various programs and projects. Anyone who’s at least 18 years or older can enter the house raffle by simply going online to and make their minimum donation.


We also accept minimum donations by mail, this can be done by again going online to and downloading the Oficial Raffle entry form and then completing all requested information in a legibly manner on the Official Entry Form, including the number of Tickets you would like with your minimum donation of $150 per ticket. Make sure all donations are in the form of a Money order or cashiers check; no cash or personal checks will be accepted. Make sure the Official Entry form is mailed with the donation and a self-addressed sampled enveloped to Goulds CDC Dream House Raffle, at Goulds CDC PO Box 700031 Goulds, Florida 33170.

All Entries and donations must be received no later than Saturday, May 9, 2009. Mailed-in Official Entry Forms and donations must be postmarked no later than Saturday May 2, 2009 and must be received by Goulds CDC no later than 7 days later (Saturday, May 9, 2009). Goulds CDC is asking that all entries have the requested donation by cashier’s check, money order  with a self-addressed envelope (or credit card). Once an Entrant’s order is processed, Goulds CDC will mail your raffle ticket-sub back to you  in your  self-addressed envelope via USPS which will include your Ticket number(s) to the name and address provided on the Official Entry Form. All final transactions will be processed in Florida.


3 - Overview of Guidelines – In a effort to raise funds for Goulds CDC we will issue as many tickets as possible during the raffle period in order to reach our fundraising goal. Goulds CDC is requesting a minimum donation of $150.00 per ticket issued. Goulds CDC is not demanding this donation because under the Florida state statue 849.0935 that governs charitable organizations that holds such events no purchase or contribution is necessary. All House Raffle Prizes will be based on a percentage of monies raise during the Goulds CDC fundraiser events. Goulds CDC reserves the right to extend the drawing an additional 60 days or more in order reaches its fundraising goal. Any Entry Form and donation received after the raffle period or after May 9, 2009 will be returned at the expense of the sender.  No other refunds will be made, except as otherwise determined by Goulds CDC in its sole discretion.

Since this is a fundraising event, Goulds CDC is requesting a minimum donation of $150.00 for every ticket issued. Entrants may request one ticket per $150.00 donation. The Entrants may obtain 3 tickets per person for the Goulds CDC minimum requested donation amount per ticket. Tickets are personal and can only be in the name of one (1) individual Entrant. The Entrants may not sell, donate or otherwise transfer their Ticket(s) to anyone. Prizes will not be issued to anyone other than the one (1) Entrant whose name is on the Entry Form. Goulds CDC reserves the right to issue or donate tickets as a promotional tool to media outlets to advertise the fundraising event.

4 - Qualification – Any and all persons that have followed the above official rules of entry either by Goulds CDC Website or mail-in –entry form are qualified. As stated above, you may make your minimum donation online through Goulds CDC House Raffle website with credit card or debt card. If you wish to mail your entry form with your minimum donation that is stated above you must still go online to and download the official entry form and mail in to Goulds CDC with your donation and self-address sampled envelope to: Goulds CDC PO Box 700031 Goulds, Florida 33170. All Mailed-in Entry Forms and donations must be postmarked no later than Saturday, May 2, 2009 and must be received by Goulds CDC no later than 7 days later (Saturday, May 9, 2009) in order to be officially enteted into the Raffle and possibly chosen on the Raffle Drawing day which is scheduled for Saturday, May 16, 2009.



Disqualification – Goulds CDC reserves the right to disqualify false entries or entries suspected of being false, and any illegible, defective, incomplete or physically altered Entry Forms and entries that do not include valid or complete forms. Goulds CDC is not responsible for printing errors in any Raffle-related material, or for lost, late, misdirected or non-delivered mail or corrupt fax messages, or any other failure to receive orders or deliver receipts prior to the drawing deadlines. All entries become the property of Goulds CDC and will not be returned.

Raffle Drawings – There will be four (4) random drawing(s) conducted by a representative of Goulds CDC as described below. All random drawings will be held under the supervision of a Raffle Committee appointed by Goulds CDC Board of Directors.  Entrants need not be present to win.

One (1) Multi Ticket Drawing - Any individual who is issued more than one ticket will be able to win additional prizes listed on the advertisement. Multiple Drawing will occur on the raffle drawing day that will include the grand prize raffle drawing, 2nd. 3rd and 4th raffle drawing which will be lesser prizes. The Goulds CDC made elect to conduct mystery Early Bird Drawings with additional prizes and events on the day of drawing. The mystery drawing could include up to 50 drawing with various prizes. Entrants that are issued two tickets will receive two entries into the Multi-Ticket Drawing. Entrants that purchase three tickets will receive three entries into the Multi-Ticket Drawing, etc. For those entrants who buy more than one ticket, in order to qualify for the Multiple Ticket Drawing, all subsequent tickets obtained must be identical to the first one received; same name with matching address. To be eligible, ticket order with requested donations must be received before the raffle period ends on Saturday, May 9, 2009.

Prizes: Multi-Ticket Drawing: The Grand Prize Drawing will be a newly constructed single family home. Lower Prizes Entrants will receive cash prizes for the 2nd, 3rd 4th Prizes.

The Grand Prize: The Grand Prize winner (1st prize) will receive the house being raffled according to the official rules of the house raffle. The Grand Prize is issued based on the number of tickets issued in accordance with Goulds CDC requested donation of $150.00 per ticket. The following table outlines fundraising strategy for raising funds for the Goulds CDC program and projects. If Goulds CDC is successful in raising the internal targeted amount of funds through this house raffle fundraiser than the following prizes will be offered on the day of the raffle drawing.



3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom House


Cash Prize




Cash Prize

              50Mystery Prizes


Acceptance of Prizes - If the Grand Prize winner Selected fails to affirmatively elect to receive the Dream House within this time period, or fails to take possession of the Dream House within sixty (60) days of the Notification the can be given to the runner up. The house that is being raffled will be turned over to the winner as is and all obligations concerning the house will become the sole responsible of the winner. Cash prizes will be delivered to the “Selected Winners” in person or by U.S. registered mail or overnight carrier, at Goulds CDC’s sole discretion, to the name and address provided on the Entry form. Payment will be done in the form of a check made payable to the name provided on the Entry Form. Selected Entrant will receive an IRS Form 5754 and a W2-G.

 Proceeds - Proceeds from the Raffle will benefit Goulds Community Development Corporation and its ongoing charitable purposes in Florida.

 General Conditions – The Raffle is subject to these Official Rules. These Official Rules shall not be changed by any oral statement made by any employee or other person acting on behalf of Goulds CDC. By participating, Entrants agree: (i) to be bound by these complete Official Rules and the decisions of Goulds CDC which shall be final and binding; and (ii) to waive any right to claim ambiguity in the Raffle or these Official Rules, except where prohibited by law. By accepting a prize, Selected Entrant agrees to release Goulds CDC, its officers, directors, employees, representatives and agents, and any person or entity associated with the production, judging, or administration of the Raffle (collectively, the “Releases”) from and against any claims, damages, disability, attorneys’ fees, and costs of litigation and settlement, as well as any liability due to any injuries, damages or losses to any person (including death) or property of any kind resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from redemption, acceptance, possession, ownership, misuse or use of any prize or participation in any Raffle-related activity or participation in this Raffle.

Except where prohibited by law, the Selected Entrant's who are issued a winning Raffle Ticket and their acceptance of a prize constitutes permission for Goulds CDC and its agents to use said Selected Entrant’s name, photograph, likeness, statements, biographical information, voice, and city and state address for promotional or advertising purposes in connection with this Raffle on a worldwide basis, and in all forms of media, now or hereafter known, in perpetuity, without review, permission or further compensation.

Taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of Selected Entrant and Selected Winner will be issued an IRS Form 5754 and W2-G for the Estimated Retail Value of any awarded prize. Each ticket purchaser is advised to consult his or her own tax advisors with respect to the tax liabilities that may arise from winning a prize in this Raffle. Goulds CDC reserves the right to disqualify any entrant it finds to be tampering with the entry process or the operation of the Raffle or violating these Official Rules, and reserves the right to cancel the Raffle should it suspect fraud or for reasons out of the control of Goulds CDC.

Legal - Disputes regarding these Official Rules and/or this Raffle will be governed by the internal laws of the State of Florida. Any claim Or Controversy Between Any Raffle Entrant And Goulds CDC arising out of or relating to the Raffle Or To These Rules And Regulations Shall Be Settled By Binding Arbitration Administered By The American Arbitration Association under its Commercial Arbitration Rules.  Any judgment On The Award Rendered By The arbitrator May Be Entered In Any Court Having Jurisdiction Thereof in Miami Dade County Florida.

 Caution: Any Attempt To Deliberately Damage Or Undermine The Legitimate Operation Of The Raffle May Be In Violation Of Criminal And Civil Laws And Will Result In Disqualification From Participation In The Raffle. Should Such An Attempt Be Made, Goulds CDC Reserves The Right To Seek Remedies And Damages (Including Attorney Fees) To The Fullest Extent Of The Law, Including Criminal Prosecution.

In no event shall Goulds CDC, its directors, officers, employees, agents or representatives be liable to any party for any loss or injury to earnings, profits or goodwill, or for any incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages of any person or entity whether arising in contract, tort or otherwise, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.


Privacy – All personal information collected by Goulds CDC will be used for administration of the Raffle. Goulds CDC will not share, sell or otherwise distribute personal information collected by Goulds CDC except as stated above.


Official Rules and Winners List – A list of all prize winners will be posted on the raffle website on or about June 9, 2009 and a copy of the winners’ list and of these Official Rules may be obtained by going to the Goulds CDC House Raffle web site at .





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